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Booster Set and Tank Chlorination

Replacement, service or general repair we offer both a routine maintenance package as well as emergency attendances due to breakdowns.
Cold water storage tank disinfection and chlorination including water samples and temperature monitoring.


Water Hygiene Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment confirms the type of water system you have within your property, this includes pipework, storage tanks and any outlets. From this assessment a report will be produced in order to highlight any potential risks which could cause a Legionella or bacterial outbreak.


Rainwater Harvesting 

Referring to guidelines stated in BS 8515 a risk assessment, servicing and regular maintenance is to keep both your harvesting system in working order and you and your clients safe. Site specific maintenance schedules and samples can be introduced to show evidence that the station is fully compliant.


Closed Water Heating Systems

Chemical treatment power flushing including descales, dosing and samples of new and in use cold / hot water systems Serviced to BISRA specification and guidance.